CSR / Sustainability Management

Get the CSR message across.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR/CR) and Sustainability are self-concepts for corporations taking responsibility. In this context the contribution to value creation for all stakeholders throughout the entire value creation process is central.

CSR and Sustainability without communication are simply not possible since it is necessary to find and formulate the right answers to your stakeholders’ legitimate questions.

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    Sustainability Strategy and Report
    in charge of mpm media process management

Award for “Outstanding Author Contribution”
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GRI Certified Training Program Certificate

Examples of Services

  • Development and formulation of communication strategies and conceptual design of CSR/Sustainability programs and manuals.
  • Development and formulation of CSR/Sustainability reports (GRI guidelines/OECD).
  • Development and formulation of text for CSR/Sustainability media, such as reports, brochures, website copy, advertorials, etc.
  • Development and formulation of overall concepts, guidelines, codes and commitments.
  • Initiation, leadership and moderation of stakeholder dialogues (AA1000), round tables and initiatives.
  • Leadership and moderation of CSR/Sustainability workshops.